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Who are customers of NASKORSPORTS?

NaskorSports does not sell to individuals. We distribute to business addresses only.
Our customers are for example online shops, body shops, gyms, fitness and health shops.

How do I become a customer?

Please complete the brief form "Become a Customer" under "Contact" and you will be contacted promptly by the appropriate person.
The information you are sharing is for internal use only and will be used to better service your request.

What is important for the registry?

It is very important, that you check your invoice and delivery address. They should be correct.
Please provide us your Tax Identification Number, so that you can buy products VAT free.

How do I place an order?

Please place your order in our online ordering system. There, you will see the prices and availability of products.
Please note, that the prices are very dynamic, because they are dependent on the Dollar rate. You can find an overview with all price changes in our Service Center. After the order is placed, you will receive an order confirmation via Email.
If you have any trouble or questions, please let us know and we are happy to help you with our system.

Can I add items to a placed order?

You can easily add an order. Please place a new order and inform us, that you want us to deliver both orders together.

Can I cancel a placed order?

You can cancel the whole order or just parts of it via mail or phone.

How do you deliver the orders?

We deliver orders in parcels or with pallets depending on the total weight of your order. A parcel is limited to 30kilos, the weight for pallets is unlimited.
We deliver with UPS, DHL and GLS.

How much is the delivery charge?

The delivery charge depends on the place of destination. Furthermore it is different for pallets, europallets and parcels. Please contact us for more information about your prices.

To optimize your orders we can offer you a simple rule:
27 kg nett products = 1 parcel (30 kg)
54 kg nett products = 2 Parcels (60 kg)
81 kg nett products = 3 Parcels (90 kg)
Idem each time + 27 kg

The total of your nett kg´s of products is shown at the end of the summary in your basket.

What should I do if I received damaged goods?

If your goods are damaged you should inform us within seven days after the receipt and add a photo. Please go to Service Center, choose Complaint and fill in the complaint form of the affected product. We will inform you about the further procedure immediately.


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